The Webpage has been around a long time and if you visited the page in years past you've no doubt noticed that most of the pages dedicated to bands and other old projects are gone now. With the release of The Midnight Sun Chronicles I've decided to focus on current and relevant projects only. I have new projects in the works and you'll soon see space for them as well.
    However, if you miss some of the old content check out the photos page. There you'll find pictures from projects and bands gone by. Sections that are especially close to my heart are Father Like Son and Cygnus X-3. Those are when I used to jam with my teenage son when he was just starting out.
    As always, thanks for visiting my page and listening to my music or reading my work. Please reach out if you have an questions or comments. My email address is or simply click on the envelope at the bottom of this page.


The Artist

Steven "Stevo" Hill is a musician, songwriter, singer and writer who lives nestled in the mountains of southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia. Some of his other interests include tabletop roleplaying, podcasting, the outdoors and motorcycles. He lives with his wife Mary and has two adult children Stephanie and Nicholas.