Stevo Hill


Cygnus X3


Nick Hill                                                      Barry Cline


Chase Kretzer                                             Stevo

The Cygnus X3 Story

    Cygnus X3 can trace its origins all the way back to 1999 when Steve "Stevo" Hill first began work on his epic concept album "The Midnight Sun Chronicles." After contacting a friend who owns a local studio, Steve was introduced to the young vibrant studio session drummer Chase Kretzer and they immediatly struck up a long lasting friendship and working relationship. Steve and Chase along with guitarist Donny Butcher formed the local hard rock band "Powderkeg" and played regularly for the next few years.

    In early 2004 Chase moved to Virgina Beach with his brother Ronnie where they formed the band "Domstick." Steve went back to work on his album finally completing it in 2008 while playing live on and off with various local bands. In the meantime his young son Nick was starting to show an early talent for bass guitar.

    In early 2009 right after Nick's 14th birthday him and Steve first hit the stage as "Like Father Like Son." They played a variety of Classic rock and original tunes sometimes backed up by Chase on drums when he was around and with a few other muscians from time to time. They played to very receptive audiences from all over who love the father and son origin of the band.

     In 2011 Nick formed his own Blues/Rock band known as Sugarcaine with  blues guitartist Barry Cline and drummer Mike Embracia. After only a few months Mike left the band to join the Army. In Spring of 2012 Chase moved back to the area and continued his session work for many up and coming hopefuls and was also looking to form a band. So the four musicians decided to combine their efforts into a brand new band and Cygnus X3 was born.

    Cygnus X3 is Steve Hill on guitar, vocals and keyboards, Nick Hill on Bass and vocals, Barry Cline on guitar and Chase Kretzer on drums. With different influences and musical backgrounds they have forged a unique sound to become a jam band that plays a wide variety from Progressive Rock to Blues and Alternative and all points in between. They perform original songs from Steve's "Midnight Sun Chronicles" solo album, a mixture of classic rock favorites as well as brand new original music yet to to be recorded. They have been playing regularly to very receptive audiences in a varity of venues. Look for more to come soon!!