Stevo Hill


Engine Of Invention



        David Fedan                 Jaime Copenhaver





  The Three of us are "Engine Of Invention" or "EOI" for short. Although we play a few classic rock songs we are primarily interested in writing and recording progressive rock. We all live hundreds of miles apart so we can only get togther a few times a year. We plan to put out an album sometime in the future but due the great distances between us and the infrequency in which we get to play it will probably be a while before we have enough music to release anything. We have recorded a few tunes however, and I will be posting some them to this site in the near future.

    Jaime has been deligently working on a dedicated band website. Click this link to go there now:




     A couple of years ago we set up a few cameras and recorded ourselves and I have since edited the footage and mixed the audio to create a DVD. Here are a few tracks.


Click on the play button and give it a few seconds to load.










   To Be Wild.wmv

                             Born To Be Wild



                                                   Hey Joe