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    Like Father Like Son is a live act with myself on guitar and vocals and my teenage son Nick on bass and vocals. We perform rock tunes from classic bands such as Rush, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Kiss as well as original songs of our own. We sometimes play with Chase Kretzer on drums and occasionaly his brother Ronnie on guitar. However if it is just Nick and I, we'll either perform acoustic or we use orignal backing tracks for our rhythm section. 

    Nick and I have been performing live now for a few years. It has been a lot of fun and we have been very well received. Everyone seems to get a kick out of the whole "father and son" thing and we're loving every minute of it. We are looking forward to playing some festivals and other shows in the coming year. For more up to date information on what we are doing, check out the Latest News page. If you would like to contact us email me at


Nick's First Recording on the Bayou.mp3   


    Last year I was playing in an "Oldies" and we released an album of cover songs. This version of "Born on the Bayou" appeared on that collection with Nick playing bass and my good friend Dave Fedan from EOI on drums. We recorded the rhythm guitar, bass and drums all in one take and Nick played it like a pro with NO punch ins! I later overdubbed the lead guitar and vocals.    

Featured Videos


Here are various performances of "Like Father Like Son" recorded by Terry Rowe at Gary Bowling's House of art and posted on YouTube. Thanks Terry!!


More Videos


Midnight Sun (Original)


Working Man

Performance of 11/25/2009




Rock & Roll Band

(I broke a string on this one!)

Even More Videos


Here are some new Vidoes from The House of Art on 8/19 recorded again by Terry Rowe. Nick has really been wanting to take the Rickenbacker and I decided to play my Vee. We have been pretty much playing the same show but in a couple of weeks we are planning on having a whole new act.


The Needle and Spoon


Hey Joe



More YouTube Videos


Here are a couple of more YouTube videos from an appearance Nick and I made on July 29th.



YouTube Videos

    On May 27 Terry Rowe captured some of our performance at Gary Bowling's House of Art on video and posted it on YouTube. Here are the videos.