The Midnight Sun Chronicles

The Midnight Sun Chronicles

     The Midnight Sun Chronicles is a concept piece about a young man in the near future who volunteers for a human suspended animation experiment. He is to go into hibernation for about thirty years but wakes up and finds himself in a post apocalyptic medieval world hundreds of years in the future. He discovers his true destiny using his knowledge of the past to help defend a small peaceful village from the forces of Krell. Krell is trying to return the world to the "old ways" and is building an evil empire using the weapons and technology of the ancient past. All who oppose Krell  are destroyed. 

    Although the music of the album has evolved and changed greatly through the years the concept has remained the same. Steven has written all of the music and lyrics, sings all of the vocals and plays all of the instruments with the exception of some help from fellow EOI bandmates on the these songs: David Fedan Drums and Jaime Copenhaver bass on The Journey Begins, DOA, and Never Did It. Marc Campbell Keyboards on DOA. David Fedan plays drums and Nick Hill plays bass on Midnight Sun. 

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On the day the world ended all the people died, all except a very few, all while one slept...

As The World Moves On

I remember the day I volunteered, for the dubious experiment 

The whitecoats were all gathered 'round, explaining their scientific advancements

In the realm of human hibernation, they a quickly made great strides

I remember that day so very well, it was the same day I told her goodbye


I want to sleep, as the world moves on

I want to sleep , as the world moves on

In suspended animation, emerge in a new generation

I want to sleep as the world moves on and on and on

I was to sleep for thirty years, good luck and sleep well

nothing can go wrong they said, closing the lid to my coffin like shell

I thought of the next time I might see her, she would be looking old and gray

What will her reaction be? When she sees that I've aged but a day


Sweet Dreams



I awake in a frosty lane,

bright colors so brilliant in the sky

I feel no pain,

and reflections swam across my eyes

I feel the warmth of the sun,

as I arise from my bed

The world and I are reborn,

a new sense of purposes forms in my head

I find a note left for me,

from so many years ago

It seems that I've been chosen,

to teach the new the ways of the old

The Journey Begins

On the way to Depon, I followed one of the ancient roads

and with knowledge as my only weapon, I knew I had many seeds to sow

I made some friends on the way, but still I was alone with myself

In Keylan I had to stay, these people needed my help


Now listen...

My story begins not so long ago, born in the middle of a terrible storm

During birth my mother died, yet I grew strong and I survived

Raised with an Iron fisted hand, my father ruled the forgotten clan

'till the day he was found dead, and I took the crown from his head

Then my little tribe began to roam and from all but nothing an empire has grown

I'll restore all to ways of old, no room for weakness in the world I mold


From out of the wasteland out I will rise, to rule all that falls before my eyes

Who I conquer will be enslaved, or they'll taste the cold steel of my blade

A river of tears you my cry in vain, while you kneel down and pray

To the lord of the wastes from which I came, open wide and shout my name


I have learned from my network of spies, the village of Keyan holds a surprise

An ancient machine from the past, I'll have the very thing I need at last

The foolish village will not last long, against my army ten thousand strong

Kill them all child, woman, and man and seize the knowledge from their hands

My lord the sleeper has awakened!

I'm well of aware of the one out of time, who slept away his old life

The Elders revived him in time of need, to fulfill an ancient prophesy

I know all about his hidden plans and that he is a mere mortal man

For the one he trusts most, just happens to be my most favored ghost




From the Night

When I see her again, in that place

A misty look in her eyes

A slight smile, is on her face

A feeling she can't deny


Where do you come from

was it not alright

Where do you come from

did you come from the night

With her eyes so blue, cast out across the sea

I have always loved you, have you always loved me


Sometimes I drift back, to where I was before

to the Valley of Evermore

The smoke still burns my eyes

Is it anguish or the falsity of lies



It is long past midnight, I can still see her eyes

shimmering in the moonlight, as a comet rips across the sky

In the celestial light, between Pegasus and Orion

My cold emotions have taken flight

I feel weightless and I'm flying

yes I'm flying


Don't let me die of a broken heart

Don't turn your back and walk away

Please play the sentimental part

My soul is nearly DOA

Once we remove our clothes, and our senses are reeling

It may seem anything goes, but I can't ignore my feelings

I had an emptiness deep inside, a vessel waiting to be filled

Please tell me you haven't lied, now that you've broken the seal


In the twilight before the dawn, her arms loosely around me

In the morning I need to move on, but my pain she'll never see


Midnight Sun

They came to us in the spring,

their shinning lights stabbed our eyes

As they descended from the from the heavens

all heads turned towards the sky

They sky turned gray

We watched are castles crumble and fall

while vines of mocking laughter hung throughout the vacant halls

Krell and his minions would be the death of us all


But the Midnight Sun is shinning bright

The Midnight Sun is our only light

The Midnight Sun is shining bright

The Midnight Sun is our only light

Once they came down from the skies

and they danced hand in hand

All the evil that they shared together

was spread throughout the land


Never Did It That Way

Once when I was a younger man

there were things I didn't know 

and time for me to grow

Then when I was an older man

there were secrets that

and I learned them well


'cause we never did it that way

no, no, we never did it that way

Once in the Golden Thoroughfare

I fell to my knees 

and I went to sleep

I awoke in a Scarborough fair

In another time

who knows what I'll find