Stevo Hill




The Midnight Sun Chronicles


    I wouldn't want to call this an "epic" album but I have been working on this record for years. It is a concept piece about a young man in the near future who volunteers for a human experiment in suspended animation. He is to go into hibernation for about thirty years but wakes up and finds himself in a post apocolyptic medevial world hundreds of years in the future. He discovers his true destiny using his knowledge of the past to help defend a small peaceful village from the forces of Krell. Krell is trying to return the world to the "old ways" and is building an evil empire using the weapons and technology of the ancient past. All who oppose Krell  are destroyed.

    Although the music of the album has evolved and changed greatly through the years the concept has remained about the same. The MP3s posted below are some of the songs that are finished. I have written all of the muisc, do all of the vocals and play all of the instruments with the exception of some help from my fellow EOI bandmates on the last two, David Fedan and Jaime Copenhaver on drums and bass respectively.

    The record is finished and has been "In the can" so to speak for awhile now. I plan to get it out sometime this year once I finish the cover art and get a few other things lined out. In the meantime I hope you enjoy my music!




As The World Moves On Sun/02 As The World Moves On.mp3


From the Night Sun/08 From The Night.mp3


Never Did it That Way Sun/11 Never Did It.mp3


The Midnight Sun Sun/10 Midnight Sun.mp3