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The Powderkeg Story:

 Back in  the summer of '99 I got a phone call from Jaime Copenhaver who had ran across an old demo I had given him of the song "Midnight Sun." I had not been working on that album for awhile and Jaime convinced me to revive the project. At the time he was living in DC (about a seven hour drive from here) but he wanted to do the bass tracks on it. In the past I had used either used a drum machine or played the drums myself on my recordings but this time around I wanted a really kick-ass drummer. I called my friend Randy who owns a local studio. I told him what kind of project I was working on and asked him if he knew anybody that might be interested in putting some drums on my music. He introduced me to his 17 year old nephew Chase Kretzer.

    Chase turned out to be one of the most talented drummers I have ever played with. Jaime made the trip a few times and he, Chase and I recorded four songs for the album at Randy's studio. Over the course of a few months Jaime realized that  for the time being the distance was just too great for him to keep it up for long. "The Midnight Sun" project was shelved once again.

    However, because of our great love of bands such as Rush and Led Zeppelin, Chase and I continued to jam together. Early in 2000 with me playing guitar and singing and Chase, of course, on drums we decided it was maybe time to bring another musician into the fold and form a solid rock band.

    A couple of years before, I had jammed a few times with an awesome heavy metal guitarist by the name of Donny Butcher. Although I had been playing guitar, I was more than happy to step aside and pick up the bass. Indeed, its still one of my favorite instruments to play and probably the best one when I am lead vocalist. Donny brought a heavier element into the band with his masterful soloing skills on nearly every Metallica song ever recorded as well as many other classic rock and classic metal tunes. We all liked the idea of forming power-trio, three piece band and so Powderkeg was born. (incidentally Chase came up with the name.)

     We would get together at least once or twice a week and rock the house down. We played a few shows but mostly we jammed here in the studio and would invite people over to drink a few beers and listen. We never had a hard time filling a room. We played together for several years until Feburary 2004 when Chase joined the Navy along with his brother Ronnie, another truly fantastic guitarist, to be together and pursue other musical interests. Unfortunatly, during all that time we made practically no recordings of ourseleves. The only thing I have is a one camera video with not so great sound recorded in the summer of 2003 and a few mutlti-track recordings that were done in December 2004 on a Tascam 4-track. The Tascam recordings aren't bad but we had not jammed together for ten months and our playing is a little rough. Despite all of that I made a Powderkeg CD with the 4-track stuff and a DVD out of the video footage. Latley, I've had a few people asking for a copy of the CD so I think very soon I am going to remaster the tracks with some of my newer studio gear and see if that improves the sound. Once that is completed I'll post some of the songs here. In the meantime I have a few videos from the Powderkeg DVD posted below.

    Here are the videos. Keep in mind that there is no mutitrack recording to back up the video so I have no way of mixing the sound. The audio comes straight from a camera mic. Click on the play button and give them a few seconds to load. 



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